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Vol.07  Issue 03/05, 20.03.2007

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Text sourcing : GDS. Photos : Copyright © 2007, fashionfreak. All rights reserved.


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The Shoe ABC for Spring / Summer 2007

Defined by GDS/GLS – International Event for Shoes, Leather Goods & More



GDS ABC S/S 2007



In a Nutshell - from A to Z the Key Trends for the 2007 Summer Season :

A - Audrey Hepburn
Dainty and delicate she had her very own style: that beautiful Brit with her big brown eyes. Now back in fashion and very Audrey: slender silhouettes, Capri shorts and delicate little ballerinas.

B - Block Heels
They're back! Straight as a die and often also teeteringly high, those good old block heels are now back with a new feel. A really nice touch: stacked leather heels. Though there are also some 'as good as' variations, too...

C - Clean Chic
A cool look without fussy detail. Clean chic with that well-groomed understated feel is now finally taking hold in the forthcoming summer season. With the finest fabrics and sophisticated styles it looks really great. On the colour front the focus is on plains or purist combinations. Always en vogue: Black & White.


GDS ABC S/S 2007



D - Deauville
This chic seaside resort in Normandy is symbolic of that well-groomed maritime style. Stripes and polka dots, fresh, starched cotton and loose neck scarves flapping in the wind are the elements of this look.

E - Espadrilles
Never be without them in summer! Espadrilles, those simple and yet imaginative canvas shoes from Spain are perfect companions for summer. And the forthcoming season will bring us some more new slants on these shoes: embroidery, beading plus the odd paste gem are all musts here.

F - Fetching Braiding
Elaborate interlaced leather straps give shoes both a handcrafted feel and a very authentic, natural look. Now straps are becoming wider and patterns more imaginative.

G - Gloss
Elegance needs gloss! Which is why patent leather will also be making a major entrance next season. Materials shimmer and shine, each trying to outdo the other. Get polishing!


GDS ABC S/S 2007



H - Heavenly Sky Blue
This is just one of the many blue variations set to conquer the fashion scene next summer. The spectrum ranges from denim to navy blue. Fresh looks are achieved thanks to combinations with white; tone-on-tone looks elegant.

I - Indian
This slant features in many designs on espadrilles, sandals and ballerinas. Overly lavish decoration and patterns are avoided though. Less is more.

J - Jute
This robust natural material will be making a grand entrance again next summer. Jute is a must alongside canvas and cotton. And it's amazing how elegant this grainy fabric can look!

K - Kork
This lightweight sole and heel material can probably be described as an evergreen. Cork wedges promise new looks for summer in the city. We can't wait!


GDS ABC S/S 2007



L - Lasts
Last are becoming more rounded again. Though square lasts are also playing a key role, especially those with built-up sides. Pointed lasts, on the other hand, are now past their peak.

M - Metallisés
Gold, silver, bronze and platinum will be making a very grand entrance next summer. Key here is their delicate shine which emphasises the quality of the look all the more. Especially pretty on delicate ballerinas.

N - Neat Studs
These are great when used sparingly. In line with the natural, slightly ethnic style studs are a key trend accessory, especially on sandals and slip-ons.

O - Object of Desire
The new femininity in womenswear is bringing us a wealth of shoe styles that can only be described as 'sexy'. After several fashion seasons marked by a focus on sportswear this is really refreshing!


GDS ABC S/S 2007



P - Peep-Toes
Love them or leave them! Peep-toes are as much part of the new summer fashion as fresh blouses and wide skirts. By the way, it looks best when all three are together.

Q - Quality
In the wake of the new elegance in fashion fabric quality is gaining a whole new importance. Less quantity but better quality is the motto here. For leather natural finishes are preferred.

R - Red
This bright primary colour plays a key role in that summer beach look, even if it is preferably featured in clothing. Red shoes are possible though - not only for sporty styles but also for high-heeled sandals.

S - Sneakers
Sneakers - as long as they don't look like sneakers! Sporty footwear fashion next summer needs a smart look that smacks less of the sports hall and more of the catwalk. Wide stripes and too much mesh are out; high quality materials - i.e. leather -, slim lasts and well concealed functional features will ensure sneakers keep their high ranking on the popularity stakes.


GDS ABC S/S 2007



T - Textiles
For several seasons now an interplay of different materials having been playing a key role in shoe fashion. Leather combined with canvas provides natural, authentic looks especially in the summer season. And because it's so lovely canvas can also come on its own too.

U - Understatement
After the seasons of lavish, over-extravagant decoration more reticence is now on the cards. We no longer need five strings of beads in all colour combinations: just one plain string of polished wooden beads will do. This understatement finds expression in all areas of fashion - from more discreet make-up and clothing to shoes also with less decorative detail.

V - Vichy Checks
Remember those dainty little sleeveless blouses sported by 60s Hollywood beauties along with Capri shorts and straw hats? Light and airy and knotted at the waist? Back in those days Vichy or gingham checks were very 'up to date' in the States and 'très chic' in Paris with many a fan in Germany, too. And those of us not around on the fashion scene back then are in for a treat as these little checks will be back next summer!

W - White
Temperatures of 28 degrees and over, sunkissed skin and light, white clothing. The taste of summer! White is just as much an accent colour when teamed with navy and red as it is in combination with black.


GDS ABC S/S 2007



X - Xenon Blue
Did you know xenon is a chemical element in the inert gas family? Lamps and fluorescent tubes filled with xenon produce light very similar to daylight, i.e. with a slight blue tinge. Bringing us back to heavenly sky blue under H - and this is most definitely one of the trend colours in the coming season!

Y - Yesterday
The legendary Beatles wrote music history with this song. Many fashion elements from this mod era will be back next summer - but with a modern and contemporary slant to them in new materials and slightly adapted styles.

Z - TopZtitching
Now more important than ever, ornate topstitching is great for adding pretty accents to uppers on court shoes, ballerinas and moccasins. Decorative topstitching looks particularly attractive with a hand-sewn feel to it.

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